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    The delicate balance between ultimate respect for our environment and cultural protection are of ongoing, utmost importance for Le Clos des Suds. 

    We do not use mineral fertilizers (chemical) and organic products as much as possible to minimize our environmental impact.


The work on the vines is characterized by methods that are consistent with our philosophies, including:

-   Soil upkeep is done exclusively by hand employing traditional cultivation methods.

-  Vine growth is directed by "Gobelet", in a shape of a cup, except for the Syrah, which is mounted on wire.

-  Vine size is cut short to limit yields and maximize taste.

-  Vine protection is done on an as-needed basis following the regular observation of the vineyard.

- Vine trimming is done manually to remove unnecessary branches and spread the load of grapes on the vine stock, which increases photosynthesis and provides good ventilation for the grapes. The result is a better health of the vine itself, which will in turn yield better quality grapes.

-  The vineyard typically yields approximately 40 hl/ha, which can vary by more or less than 20 percent depending on the vintages.


The grape harvest or La Vendange is done exclusively by hand each autumn. The grape clusters are placed directly into 10 kg flats to maintain the integrity of the grapes while on their way to the cellar. The clusters are sorted on stem if necessary, to pick up perfectly healthy grapes that have reached the desired maturity, which is our main objective.

The excellent health of the grape allows us to remove the use of chemicals from our winemaking, which in turn dramatically reduces the amount of sulfites used in our wines.

The Vinification or Wine-making Technique for the red is done in concrete tanks with a broken harvest meaning that the grape seeds are separated from the plant part and crushed slightly when put into the vat to free the maximum amount of juice and connect the yeast on the skin with the juice.

By contrast, for our rosé as well as our white wines, the whole cluster is put under direct pressure and then the juice is extracted and clarified under cold pressure. These wines are then fermented at a controlled temperature between 16 and 18°C to maintain their fresh, fruity taste.

Each wine features its own specific wine-making techniques, which we have included in their descriptions below.

For the date of the harvest, as well as for winemaking, our main working tool is the tasting by the vintner who draws upon many years of knowledge and passion to ensure that we are on the way to creating another fantastic vintage.


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