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We currently offer five cuvees inspired by musical themes as we believe that:

'Music is to the ear what wine is at the Palace'


Cuvée Bagatelle

Grapes: Cinsault, Grenache Noir et 20% Carignan

Wine-making Technique: Traditionally in tanks.

Taste: A refreshing gourmet wine with fine tannins. A fresh and fruity nose with aromas of cherries à l’eau de vie. The taste rests in the mouth for a while and finishes with fresh pepper.

To be consumed at 16°C, this wine is an excellent accompaniment to white meets and charcuterie.

Cuvée Nocturne

Grapes: Carignan 50%/ Syrah 50% Cinsault and Syrha

Wine-making Technique: In tanks and barrels with maturation on sediment.

Taste: A full balanced wine that rests in the mouth for a long time. Boasting a tannic framework that cots the mouth and dances down the throat. Characterized by ripe fruit, juniper trees and featuring a spicy final taste that hints at licorice.

To be consumed at 18°C with richer foods, roast lamb, lasagnas or red meat.

Cuvée Prélude

Grapes: Grenache Noir and Cinsault.

Wine-making Technique: Direct pressure Rosé that is produced in tanks.

Taste: A delicate wine that is both subtle and elegant, yet balanced with flavour and vivacity. A fine fresh nose characterized by citrus fruit.

To be consumed cold as an aperitif,  with salads...

Cuvée La Note Bleue

Grapes: 90 percent Terret Gris and ten percent Muscat Petit Grain and Grenache Blanc.

Wine-making Technique: Traditionally in tanks

Taste: A grey white wine that is lightly amber in colour, its nose is delicately fruity with citrus notes. It wakes up the mouth with a mineral freshness, finishing with quiet finesse and simplicity.

To be consumed cold, as an aperitif, with fish, shellfish...

Cuvée Elégie

Grapes: Vieux Muscat petit grain 50%  et Grenache blanc 50%

Wine-making Technique: Fermented and aged for six monts in three years old oak barrels.

Taste: A fine and delicate white wine with very rich aromas and flavours. Its fresh and fruity taste lingers sumptuously in the mouth.

To be consumed cold. As an aperitif, with foie gras, "bleu d'Auvergne" cheese, greasy fish...

Bag In Box

Grapes: Cinsault, Carignan and Alicante.

Wine-making Technique:  Traditionally in tanks.

Taste: Solèa is a red wine with a nose that features elegant floral notes and ripened fruit. The taste is a harmony of tannins that melt in the mouth and leave a delightful freshness as a finale.

To be consumed at 20°c

Cuvée Angelus

Grapes: Muscat Petit Grain. Grape harvest from over-ripened grapes. The Angelus is only created when conditions permit and is therefore not produced every year.  

Taste: This smooth, mellow wine will surprise you with its explosively fruity taste and fresh aroma. Its delicate balance between fruit and acidity gives it a wonderfully elegant taste.

To be consumed cold as an apéritif, with foie gras, or as a dessert wine. It is a festive wine, but not to be reserved only for special occasions.


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