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    We take great pride in the age, quality and durability of our vines. Our youngest vines are a syrah that was planted in 1980 and the oldest are not commonly known or listed in modern records because they date back to the beginning of the last century!

    We work with five grape varietals, a distinct choice to work with traditional varieties of the Minervois: Carignan, the Cinsault, Grenache, the Alicante and Terret Bouchet. We chose these particular grapes for several reasons:

-Their great age (between ages 31 and 98) makes them ideal for the Mediterranean climate, their deep rooting systems and perfectly regulated metabolism allows bearing very dry vintages that have admittedly moderate but regular returns.

-They are currently massively uprooted because they no longer meet the demands of current tastes.

-These grape varieties mature late (normally the third maturation) and maintain a very good balance between sugar and acidity.

-The last reason is purely personal. They are of excellent quality and not only fully express but thrive upon their natural habitat, therefore requiring minimal intervention and producing fine natural taste.


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