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Carignan: These vines are found on the hillside, producing low yields and picked when fully mature. They bring structure and typical character to our wines and maintain freshness even on very dry vintages.

Cinsault: These vines provide a fruity yet flexible taste, which is perfect for our rosé. Cinsault is used also in balance with Carignan and Grenache grapes as tempers the strong alcoholic taste of the Grenache, allowing for the creation of more harmonious wines.

Grenache Noirdévoile: The vines produce a strong fruity taste with great generosity due to the high alcohol content. It offers tight ends and round tannins.

Alicante Bouchet: Interestingly, these grapes were formerly used for staining mass wines produced in plain. We use it in Assembly for its very nice acidity and finesse of its tannins.

The Syrah is the most common wine variety in the world. Originally from the Rhône Valley, it was massively planted in the creation of the Minervois appellation in 1983 because it was mandatory to obtain the AOC designation. It offers tannic wines with a wide aromatic range.

The Terret Bouchet is a white grape variety of grey (grey film and white juice) that was planted in significant quantities early last century in Southern France. It was very popular in the 17th and 18th centuries in the development of wine to be distilled, and then again in the 19th and early 20th century in the vermouth industry in Languedoc. It is a light amber colour and is delicately fruity with great finesse and mineral freshness.

The Muscat Petit Grain is a white grape variety of Greek origin that has been grown around the Mediterranean since antiquity. It produces very aromatic wines with lots of freshness and finesse.

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