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    The Mediterranean climate and plentiful land with soil ranging from rocky sand to thick clay is very suitable for wine production. The soils of Le Clos des Suds are classifiable clay-limestone soils in two categories: Causse soil and limestone composite.

    The former is characterized by stone white ground-cover that is very rich in organic materials and acts as an excellent natural filter for the vines. The word ‘Causse’ comes from an Occitan word meaning limestone plateau. Occitan is the language that was spoken in Languedoc prior to the 20th century. In fact, Langue means language or tongue in French and Oc refers to Occitan language. The Causse offers several advantages including very good regulation of feeding water and nutrients to the vine thanks to its high rate of organic matter and its draining abilities. In addition, the Causse soil accumulates heat, which it radiates significantly creating a microclimate at the level of clusters which leads to a very good maturation of the grape berries. The Carignan, the Alicante and part of the Black Grenache varieties are planted on the Causse soil.

    The other type of soil is a limestone blend characterized by clay, limestone and sandstone. Largely made up of clay, this soil has an excellent capacity for water retention, while retaining sufficient drainage as well. The Cinsault and Grenache varieties are planted on these soils.


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