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A Little History

    Pierre grew up in a wine-growing environment, learning much of his skill for wine from his father, a salaried wine producer. After ten years in the industry, the need for a greater connection with nature and the courage to make his passion his livelihood as well confirmed for Pierre that making wine in the South, with Aurée, was what he wanted to do with his life.

Les Clos des Suds’ story begins in 2002 when Pierre renovate an ancient building (once stables, once a sheep barn, heaven knows what else!) located between vines and ‘garrigue’ as their home and the heart of the vineyard.

It wasn’t until 2005, when the first wine was produced with much elation and excitement that Le Clos des Suds really came to be. The accomplishment is a credit to Pierre energy, enthusiasm, resourcefulness, dedication and confidence to stay on the right track. It is these same qualities that maintain the vineyard today, allowing it to grow along with this delightful family. 

2008 saw Pierre officially instated as a winemaker, and Le Clos des Suds purchased new plots of land and undertook the conversion and modernization of an ancient wine cellar dating back to 1905.

And it is not to be forgotten that in the midst establishing a vineyard, Pierre gratefully welcomed two delightful boys to their family: Sile arrived in 2004 as the vineyard was in its earliest stages and Jules was born in 2009.

It is a long hard road, but Pierre  continue to enjoy taking these steps together for their own benefit, satisfaction and fulfillment, for the enjoyment and pleasure of their clients and with the ultimate aim that they are building a future for their children’s children.

The name – Le Clos des Suds – is a play on words, finding foundation in the South that Pierre  have such a great attachment to, the unique location of the vines at the crossroads of such strong and varied appellations and building on their great love of the terrain.



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